Astragalas Root

Astragalus Root
Astragalus Root


Astragalas Root has many incredible health benefits and has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for a very long time.

Today though, we are going to be talking about the magickal workings of this root.

Astragalus assists in increasing the energy needed to bring about the manifestations desired. It will help bridge any gap there might be between the thought and the creation of the reality. This makes it extremely important when you are working on Law of Attraction practices.

This herb is a powerful of protector and can be used to create a stronger aura around oneself, which is very beneficial and necessary when doing any type of casting (spellwork). Always, always, always protect yourself!

Astragalus is often used to help balance the body’s natural energy flows and to provide strength and courage and is often carried or burnt as incense for these purposes.


The best and most powerful way I’ve found to use this root is to add it to White Sage and burn it as a smudge. This is best done just before meditations dedicated to manifesting your wishes or before doing any type of spellwork. This combination of Sage and Astragalus will cleanse and clear you and the area you are working in, it will begin pulling in energy from the Universe (this is the extra energy boost that you will get from the root), direct your focus like a laser beam and give you the strength to complete your task.

If you tend to be the spacey type, leave your body often and without warning (this can be mistaken for daydreaming) and/or have a very hard time focusing, this is the herb for you. Add 1 -2 Tbsp to a tea strainer or re-usable cotton teabag add hot water and allow to steep for a few minutes. Add honey if desired and enjoy!


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Blue Vervain

Blue Vervain
Blue Vervain – cut/sifted

Blue Vervain is also known as Enchanters Herb, Holy Herb, Verbena, Blue Vervain, and Holy Wort. This is an absolute must-have herb in any magickal toolbox. It is incredibly powerful and its effects can be felt (or seen when spell casting) almost immediately.

Vervain was one of THE most sacred plants to the Druids and it was used for divination, consecration and ritual cleansing of sacred spaces. Vervain has a long history of use in purification. King Solomon cleansed the Temple with it and Christians believe it was used to stop the blood from flowing from Jesus’ wounds on the cross.

Vervain is used in magick for balance, anointing, centering, banishing, releasing, clearing, prosperity, peace, visions and prophecy.

Vervain combined with any other herbs in magical work is believed by some to enhance the action of these herbs.

Wearing or bathing in Vervain places one under the influence and favor of Diana.

After washing your hands in the infusion, it will be possible to engender love in the one you touch. To dispel fears, light a candle daily and surround it with Vervain. Speak aloud a prayer to the Gods and Goddesses asking for release from your fear. When burned, Vervain is powerful for warding off psychic attacks, but it is also used in spells for love, purification and attracting wealth. It is a powerful attractant to the opposite sex.

This is one of the most important herbs to have on your altar at all times as it is used for anointing tools, as an offering and to purify the area.

You can find this wonderful herb here.

Orpiment with Realgar

The vibration of this incredible stone is ancient and full of wisdom. This is a stone of Alchemy, of purification and of Spiritual Truth. This is a crystal that comes to you when you are ready for it, not before. When you are truly ready for a life changing experience, for true spiritual growth and for the Sacred Fire of purification to help you on your path… then this is the stone for you.

Orpiment works with your mind helping you to reason from a more aware perspective. It is useful in clearing and balancing your Solar Plexus Chakra, helping you to take action and is also a great mineral for use while studying as it brings in the energy of analysis.

Realgar is a stone that is especially potent at drawing energy into the body on all levels. This energy can be used in many ways. As a root chakra stone, it tends to bring energy, related most likely to kundalini, up through the chakras to enable its use on all levels. Realgar is used to go into the subconscious and unlock things we have hidden from ourselves. It can bring them to light where we can use and work with them.

*Caution MUST be taken when handling this mineral, it contains Arsenic. Always wash your hands after holding. DO NOT use in a gem elixer!!

If you are ready for this amazing crystal, you can find it here.


Orpiment with Realgar
Orpiment (orange) with Realgar (red)

The Middle Way

When most people think of the Buddha, images of the fat or laughing Buddha tend to come to mind. This in fact though, is not Buddha at all, but most likely Budai, a Chinese monk.

One of the Buddha images that you will seldom find in the West is the skinny, emaciated image below. This is the Buddha that while searching for enlightenment exclaimed “Let my skin and sinews and bones dry up, together with all the flesh and blood of my body! I welcome it! But I will not move from this spot until I have attained the supreme and final wisdom.” This is the Buddha that had unrelenting determination, self-sacrifice and an unwavering resolute mind.

After this self-imposed hardship though, the Buddha realized that this was not the way to enlightenment. What is regarded by Buddhist tradition as the first teaching after his awakening is known as the ‘Middle Way’, that the extremes of self-mortification can be equally as detrimental as the extremes of self-indulgence. The Buddha describes the ‘Noble Eightfold Path’ as the way of moderation. The elements that make up the Eightfold Path are as follows;  right view, right aspiration, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration. Following this path is said to lead to the liberation of suffering through three essential elements of the Buddhas teachings – moral conduct, mental discipline and wisdom.

To see the picture of the emaciated Buddha can be uncomfortable to be sure, just as looking inward and self reflecting can be uncomfortable. While severe austerity will not necessarily lead to enlightenment, it is also important to remember growth of any kind seldom comes without some discomfort.

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What’s with all the Bliss?


One need not look too far in the metaphysical and spiritual circles these days to come across an abundance of articles, sayings and inspirational quotes on “bliss”,  – finding your bliss, walking in your bliss, etc., etc.  Wiktionary defines bliss as ‘perfect happiness’ and even several of the great Masters such as Rumi, Buddha and others have also written about bliss. However, the bliss that they speak of is very different from the Western view and meaning. I think most of us would agree that ‘perfect happiness’ is a rather temporary state at best.

One big part of metaphysics that seems to get overlooked is the physics portion, however, it is equally important as these are Universal Laws that all of us abide by whether we know it or not. In this case Newtons third law of motion comes into play “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. You can think of it as a kind of emotional pendulum in this case, for the most part, however happy you are at one point, the pendulum will swing equally the other way. This is a Universal truth pure and simple, and while it is not necessarily an immediate tit-for-tat on the smaller scale, it most certainly does balance things on the grand scale.

The Masters understood this very clearly, to them bliss was not a state of heightened happiness or a state of euphoria, but rather a state of simple contentment. This is a state of balance, a state that can be maintained while invoking the Universal Laws slightly in your favor by avoiding the highs and the inevitable lows that will follow. The bliss that we wish to seek is a state of contentment, a state of simple inner joy no matter the situation as this is truly the perfect happiness. May you find yours.




Decoction Herbal Tea

herbal tea
Delicious herbal tea

With winter in full swing and frigid temperatures across most of the country, what better time to talk about delicious warm herbal teas?
Specifically, what are referred to as decoctions which is really just a long, slow simmer creating a concentrated, very flavorful dark tea. This is usually the method of choice when working with woody substances such as roots, barks and stems. This method usually takes 2-3 hours, sometimes longer, to allow the mineral salts and bitters to release. 

A basic decoction recipe is 1 pint of water to 1 ounce root or herb. For best results, use spring water or filtered water. The awful fluoridated & chlorinated tap water can alter the taste and benefits we are trying to receive. Allow this to simmer until about 1 quarter of the liquid has reduced, allow to cool and strain. For freshest flavor, we like to use ours within 48 hours or so. 

Since these can be a bit on the strong side for some people, a little dash of honey might be nice. One of our favorite sweeteners is Jaggery, which is unprocessed (unrefined) cane sugar. It contains all the natural molasses and mineral salts, is far more complex (since it has not been messed with) and it tastes wonderful.


Osha Root

Osha Root is one of our favorite plants and one of the most important herbs to many Native American tribes.  The Native people regarded it with deep appreciation, respect and used it widely – so much so it has been called the ‘Empress of the Forest’. It has a scent a bit like peppery celery – fresh, with a spicy back note. We like to add a few shavings or small pieces to our smudging mix because it invites powerful energies into your home and to your intentions.

This amazing root makes a wonderful tea and is reported to increase oxytocin levels (the hormone released when you hug someone you love). It is also known for its upper respiratory properties in alternative therapies – perfect for coughs and colds this time of year.

This plant is so special that we have them listed individually here so you can choose the one that speaks to you.