The Solar Plexus Chakra

27270994 - yoga at sunset

Today marks 30 days – one full cycle into the Autumnal equinox – the season for letting go and 3 days past the New Moon phase which falls into the sign of Libra – the keeper of scales, reminding us to find balance in our lives.
This is an ideal time to do a self ‘check-in’ as we walk our path, are we still hanging on to thoughts, feelings, emotions that are restricting us or keeping our lives out of balance? Interestingly enough, both the numerical and vibrational match to these is the 3rd Chakra, also commonly referred to as the Solar Plexus(aka Celiac Plexus) Chakra.
It is a large nerve center in the abdominal cavity that manages numerous vital functions. If this is out of balance, you are out of balance – period. It is much more than just about ego, manifesting and the usual meta/new age lingo, it is the center of your true ‘mental/emotional body’, your self-esteem, personality, anxiety, excitement, basically how at ease we are with simply being ourselves.

When the Solar Plexus is in balance we are able to just ‘be’ and allow others to just be as well, this is a state of contentment. When it is out of balance, our emotions can range from insecurity and fear to aggression, lack of confidence to excessively competitive. It is one of the most commonly blocked Chakras and one of the most often ignored. It is a critical nerve center and is the root of both psychological disturbances and chronic illness.

One of the first ways we can begin to bring it back into balance is our breath. Focus on full breath into the diaphragm, all day, everyday, read that again, – all day, everyday, once again, – all day, everyday. Full breath will increase your emotions, that is correct, full breath will increase your emotions, not make you more emotional, but increase your emotional capacity, both resilience and kindness. This is the first step towards healing this Chakra and the beginning to bring you back into balance and the ability to let go.




Earth, High Heart and Soul Star Chakras

soul star chakra

We have been asked to help shed some light on these three very important, but little known chakras.

Earth Star Chakra

The Earth Star Chakra is located about 12″ (or deeper for some) below your feet, within the earth. It connects you with the energies of Mother Gaia, the Earth’s magnetic core and the crystalline grid of our planet. This chakra houses our Akashic records (this is the record of our past lives), our soul seed (our life plan we created for ourselves before we arrived here) and our ancestral ties. There is so much information out there about the Akashic records and Soul Seeds and we will be writing about both of these soon!

If you are a Lightworker and/or healer, it is imperative that you keep this chakra balanced and grounded. It is through this channel that you will receive the grounding energy you need to help others, but also where you will place the unwanted energies from those you are helping. Returning this energy to Mother Earth is important so that she may transmute it into something beautiful. We can become unbalanced during treatments because we are opening our heart, throat, 3rd eye and crown chakras. Focusing on the earth star chakra after a treatment, will allow you to come back in to your physical body.

This chakra’s energy vibrates to water as well as earth, so you can balance it in a couple of different ways-

  • Earth – Stand outside with your shoes off (grass or dirt, doesn’t matter). Focus your attention on the soles of your feet and imagine a ball of amber-colored light directly under them, within the earth.
  • Water – Stand in a stream, river or ocean with your shoes off. Focus on the amber light as above.
  • Crystal therapy – Smoky Quartz, Black Kyanite, Pyrite and Chiastolite. These are the crystals we wear when we are doing healing work on others, but you may find that something else works for you.

It is important to note that while the Earth Star chakra is a grounding chakra, it is not the same as our root chakra. The Root chakra helps to ground us within our physical bodies and plays an important role in our day-to-day survival. The Earth Star chakra re-connects us to Mother Earth. It is grounding for our spiritual bodies (or auras).


earth star chakra


High Heart Chakra

This chakra is located between the heart and throat chakras. This is where our intention lives and is the bridge between emotions and thought. Higher levels of spiritual awareness are accessed through this chakra. Unconditional love, selflessness, peace and wisdom reside here.

This chakra resonates with the vibration of fire.

  • Light a candle and place it in front of you. Stare at the flame and imagine breathing that flame into your high heart chakra (please don’t literally breathe fire or smoke into your lungs!). Feel the heat radiating outward from the space between your heart and throat.
  • Crystal therapy – We love Aqua aura quartz for this chakra. Aqua aura is a clear quartz crystal that has been bonded with gold. Other great crystals to use are peridot, emerald, rose quartz and aventurine.


higher heart chakra


Soul Star Chakra

The Soul Star chakra can be found about 6″ (or more) above your crown chakra. This energy center is also known as the Seat of the Soul. The path between the Soul Star chakra and the Crown chakra is called the Stellar Gateway. It is through this gateway that we feel the Divine and our Higher Self speaking to us, guiding us. This is also where we store our past life or karmic garbage. This is the stuff that you are hanging on to from your past lives that is no longer serving you (you probably don’t even know you are doing this either!). Until this stuff is cleared, there can be an imbalance or blockage in this area. Once this area is balanced, we can begin to access other dimensions and are awakened to Christ Consciousness.

This area is where Divine energy flows into our physical bodies. Depending on where we are on our path of awakening, will regulate how much incoming energy we are able to withstand. For this reason, the balancing of this chakra is incredibly personal. There are a couple of practices we’ve found helpful for beginning this process:

  • Pranayama breathing – There are multiple pranayama breathing techniques, so find the one that works the best for you. The focus should be the space between the breath and not the breath itself. You will find everything you need in this space.
  • Visualization – Visualize a radiating ball of energy above your head. What color is it? Is it spinning? Which way? How fast? See it, feel it, hear it. Now imagine the Stellar Gateway connecting to your crown chakra. Really see it and record what you see in a notebook. Don’t try to figure anything out, just write it down and leave it at that.


We really could go on and on about these three super important chakras, but we’ll give it to you in little doses to start! We’d love to hear from you and as always, if you ever have any questions on anything you’ve read here please ask us!



Mark & Laura





The Crown Chakra

Hermes (2)

Today we are talking about the Crown Chakra or Sahaswara.

Where is it?

This chakra is located at the top of the head. Put your hand there now and focus. Feel the energy/heat coming off of this area.


How does it affect me?

The Crown Chakra is our connection to the Divine. To all that is. To everyone and everything. If this area is unbalanced there may be feelings of being completely isolated and alone. Loss of faith, depression and confusion are also symptoms of an unbalanced Crown Chakra. This area also governs all chakras below it, so it is very important to keep this area as balanced as possible. When this area is balanced and open, the ego falls away, we have more energy and are filled with gratitude for all that is.




How can I balance it?

Color therapy – WHITE (and sometimes purple) is the color of this chakra. Wear white, burn a white candle, buy white flowers for your home or office

Crystal therapy – Clear quartz, sugilite, auralite 23, colemanite are just a few great crystals to use.

Essential oils – Lavender, jasmine, rose

Sound therapy – The best sound therapy for this chakra is no sound. Silence is what is needed for this area. We are turning inward and listening to the Divine within us at this point. This is all about Spirituality, Connection and Awareness.

Elemental therapy – Sunshine is a wonderful stimulant to this chakra. Sit outside and remain quiet.


When I feel an imbalance occurring within this area, I go outside with a quartz crystal and sit in the sun. I sit with my eyes closed, holding the crystal in my left hand and just breathe. Sometimes I’ll do a little yoga while I’m out, but it’s a very slow and deliberate set of positions. Nothing strenuous. It’s about the focus, the breath and the connection (or re-connection) for me.



Mark & Laura

The 3rd Eye Chakra

3rd eye

Today we are focusing on the 3rd Eye or Ajna Chakra.

Where is it?

This chakra is located on the forehead, between and just above the eyes. It governs the Pineal gland, which some believe is the key to everything. We will definitely be dedicating a blog specifically on this topic at a later date!


How does it affect me?

The effects of an unbalanced or closed 3rd Eye chakra are numerous. Migraines, headaches, poor judgement, lack of focus, poor decision-making skills, closed to new and/or different ideas and ways of thinking. All of these issues will cause problems in our daily lives, but it goes beyond just that. Our 3rd eye chakra is tied to our intuition, our knowing and is associated with the Light. We like to think of it as our telephone to the Divine Source. When there is a disruption in this area, we have no service. We are unable to hear that soft voice inside of us, guiding us and helping us along this physical journey.


3rd eye pic


How can I balance it?

  • Color therapy – While the other chakras we’ve covered have one color associated with it, this one has multiple. INDIGO or PURPLE are the colors of this chakra. We have a wonderful third eye chakra candle in our shop that we use regularly. Burning indigo or purple candles will help to open and balance this area. Wear indigo (or purple). Jewelry is perfect with this! We like amethyst and moonstone for 3rd eye work.
  • Crystal therapy – There are many crystals that aid in opening and balancing this chakra. Here are the ones we use~
    • Labradorite
    • Moonstone
    • Herkimer (this should be used with another crystal as it amplifies the energy of the crystals around it)
    • Moldavite (extremely powerful, use with caution!)
    • Azurite
  • Essential Oils – Blue Yarrow (we use this directly on our 3rd eye, it’s amazing!), frankincense, juniper
  • Herbs – Mint, jasmine, eyebright, ginko
  • Meditation – Solfeggio frequencies are wonderful when working on this chakra. There are so many to choose from (free) on youtube. Find the one that resonates with you and stick with that one for at least a week.
  • Chanting – This chakra is activated by the sound of OM. Om is the sound of the universe and when chanted, is quite powerful. If you have a singing bowl or tingshas (Tibetan chimes/bells), now is the best time to break those out.


There is all kinds of information out there on how to open the 3rd eye. Use what works for you. It’s a very personal process and sometimes what works some people, won’t work for others.Find what feels right to you and stick with it. This is not an over-night process, but a road to awakening.



Mark & Laura

The Throat Chakra


Today we are speaking our inner truth, using the Throat Chakra or Vishuddha. This is the first of the three spiritual chakras.


Where is it?

Residing in the throat area, this chakra governs the areas of the throat, mouth, larynx, jaw and neck. Place your hand there now, feel the warmth of this energy as it enters your palm.


How does it affect me?

For many people, this chakra is quite a challenge. The effects of an unbalanced throat chakra can range from sinus issues, being over-talkative, being shy and quiet, always saying yes (even if you really want to say no), lying, verbally abusive to others, lump in the throat, ear problems, tooth and gum issues. We are affected all the time by this chakra and if it is unbalanced, it really can make quite a mess of things. Having a balanced throat chakra will help you to verbally and non-verbally communicate with those around you.


throat ch


How can I balance it?

  • Color therapy – BLUE is the color of this chakra. Wear blue, use a blue pen at work, burn a blue candle. Focus on the color blue- gaze into the blue sky, sit in front of a pond, ocean or river.
  • Crystal therapy – Meditate using an aquamarine, blue topaz, blue calcite, turquoise or celestite (this one is our particular favorite because it also allows you to work with Angel energy).
  • Essential oils – Lavender, coriander, geranium
  • Herbs – Thyme, basil, peppermint, cloves
  • Chanting – This chakra resonates to the sound HAM. Say this sound now. Feel it in your mouth, on your lips and tongue.
  • Sing – This is our favorite and it really works. Sing… out loud…really loud. You are not trying to impress anyone with your operatic range, that is not what this excercise is for. What you are doing is bringing energy into this region. Energy, movement and flow is key any balanced chakra. So turn up that song and sing!


Our challenge for you today is to really sing. When I feel my throat chakra becoming unbalanced, I turn on my favorite 80’s music (yep, I’m an 80’s girl) and Madonna & I sing our hearts out. Try it… you’ll not only be balancing your throat chakra, but the lower three as well. It’s a win win.


Mark & Laura

The Heart Chakra

heart chakra


Today we are focusing on the 4th chakra, the Heart or Anahata chakra. This is also known as the Seat of the Soul.


Where is it?

The Heart Chakra resides in the center of the chest. Put your hand there now and focus on it.


How does it affect me?

We have all been affected by an unbalanced heart chakra at one time or another in our lives. Unless you are a hermit, it is nearly impossible to get through this life without being hurt. It’s part of our human experience. It’s what we do with these experiences that make us balanced or unbalanced. An unbalance in this region feels like grief, anger, jealousy, betrayal and mistrust.We find that for some people, this is the hardest chakra to balance and to keep balanced. It is natural for us to protect ourselves from being hurt, especially when we’ve been hurt many times. But with this protection comes consequences to our body/mind/spirit. The secret here is forgiveness. Feel the feeling that is causing you hurt. Yes, feel it.. don’t ignore it. It’s when we ignore or push away an emotion, that it begins to fester and causes issues. So feel what you need to feel, then let it go. That is key! Just let it go. Give it up to the Divine and allow yourself to heal. Try to pay attention to what the lesson was in the experience, learn it and move forward. Always move forward.


Heart chakra symbol

How can I balance it?

  • Color therapy – GREEN is the color of this chakra. Wear green, burn a green candle, bring green plants into your home or take a walk in nature.
  • Crystal therapy – Most green crystals will work (aventurine, green calcite, moss agate, emerald etc). But more than just using a green crystal we recommend rose quartz, rhodochrosite, danburite or petalite.
  • Essential oils – Eucalyptus, Geranium, Tea Tree
  • Herbs – Jasmine, Lavender, Basil, Cilantro, Sage
  • Chant – YAM is the sound of this chakra. Say this word out loud and feel how it feels. Feel the vibration in your chest. Breathe deep, chant it again and really feel it.
  • Elemental therapy – Wind/Air is the elemental of this chakra. So open the windows, drive with the car windows down. Run, swing or fly a kite.
  • Random Act of Kindness – This is the BEST one by far that we’ve found to balance and keep balanced the heart chakra. Not only do you make someone else’s day when you practice this, but you are releasing feel good hormones in yourself that allow healing to occur within you.


So our challenge for you today is to do one Random Act of Kindness. Smile at a stranger, hold a door open for someone, buy the person in line behind you at the coffee shop their drink. The ripple effect from this is amazing and beautiful.



Mark & Laura



The Solar Plexus Chakra

solar plexus


This is the third part in our 7 Chakras Series. We are focusing on the Solar Plexus chakra or Manipura today.


Where is it?

The Solar Plexus chakra sits in the space between your navel and breastbone. Put your hand there now and focus on this area.


How does it affect me?

This chakra is the seat of our will and our ego. It is where our personal power, self-confidence and sense of purpose comes from. If there is an unbalance in this area, feelings of low self-esteem, powerlessness and anger will be felt.

Many many people suffer from an unbalance in this chakra. Try this experiment today- While you are out, watch people around you. If you see a person with their arms crossed over any part of their body (stomach, heart etc) they are protecting it. If a person is shielding (crossing) with their arms, they are in protection mode. This action tells quite a bit about what a person is going through at that moment. Stand back and watch people interacting with each other. Is one person crossing their arms over their stomach region? Then they may have an imbalance in their sacral chakra. Do you cross your arms when you are interacting with someone? Pay attention to this! Your subconscious is trying to tell you something.


solarchakra symbol

How can I balance it?

We are breaking this section down into Overactive (anger, being judgmental, perfectionist) and Underactive (low self-esteem, fear, mistrust).


  • Color therapy – YELLOW is the color of this chakra. Wear something yellow, burn a yellow candle, buy yellow flowers and bring them in your home or office.
  • Crystal therapy –
    • Tiger’s Eye is wonderful if you have low self-esteem. It brings in motivation and willpower.
    • Citrine is perfect for this chakra, but make sure you are using a real citrine. Most polished citrine crystals are actually heat-treated amethyst. It is best to purchase this in its raw, rough form.
    • Peridot allows you to let go of feelings that are not serving your highest good.
  • Herbs – Rosemary, Lemongrass and Chamomile
  • Essential Oils – Frankincense, Fir and Lemon
  • Chanting – The sound that activates and balances this chakra is RAM. Say it now.. feel the word in your mouth, tongue and lips. Really emphasize that “m” and draw it out!
  • Fire – Using fire as a meditation tool will help to activate the “fire in your belly”. Stare into a candle flame, build a bonfire or light a fire in your fireplace. While staring into the flames, breath deeply in through your nostrils and pull the air into your abdomen.



  • Color therapy – Wear the opposite color of this chakra, which is purple. Burn a lavender (scented and/or colored) candle. Buy purple flowers for your home or office.
  • Crystal therapy – Use honey colored or green colored crystals. These are calming, soothing and will activate your heart chakra to aid in healing your body/mind/spirit.
  • Herbs – Lavender, Chamomile
  • Essential oils – Lavender, Chamomile
  • Chanting – Same as above


Tomorrow we are working on the heart chakra and it’s all about love!!

Peace and Love,

Mark & Laura

The Sacral Chakra


This is the second part in our 7 Chakras Series. Today we’re focusing on the Sacral Chakra or the Svadhisthana.


Where is it?

The Sacral Chakra sits above the pelvic region, below the navel and encompasses our genital area. Put your focus there now…

How does it affect me?

This chakra is all about joy, pleasure and creativity. Being in this physical body means that we have the gift of experiencing these things. We are all creative by nature, it’s in our make up as humans. When this creativity is ignored, we are unbalanced. When we are deprived of physical pleasure, we are unbalanced. This feels like emotional instability, depression and sexual dysfunction.

In this time that we are living in now, we find that this chakra is the one in need of the most attention. In our society, it is frowned upon to act child-like unless you are a child. We are taught that there is a time for play, but only after work. To balance this chakra, you must find time to be like a child. Play, dance, sing, catch butterflies, laugh, color, swing, skip…. there are a million little things that you can do to bring your attention to this beautiful chakra. We’ve listed just a few below.

sacral symbol

How can I balance it?

  • Color therapy – The color of this chakra is ORANGE. Incorporate anything orange into your wardrobe. Paint your toes orange, wear a shade of orange lipstick, wear orange underwear (this is actually perfect because it will lie in the exact region of the chakra). Burn an orange candle. There are chakra candles on the market now that work with specific chakras. We use them and carry them in our shop. This stuff works!
  • Ida Nadi (nostril) breathing – Close your right nostril with the first two fingers on your right hand. Inhale and exhale through your left nostril, about 8 times. The breath should be slow and focused. Imagine the air flowing into and out of the area of this chakra.
  • Crystal therapy – Meditating with and carrying Carnelian, Orange Calcite or Orange Elestial (our personal favorite!) will bring balance to this chakra. We are huge believers in the power of crystals and use them every day.
  • Herbs – Coriander, Calendula and Fennel
  • Essential oils – Bergamot, Orange, Rose, Ylang ylang and definitely Vanilla (it is an aphrodisiac, so yeah, it works!!)
  • Chanting – The sound that awakens and balances this chakra is VAM. Chant this word during meditation. Feel the way the word vibrates in your mouth and on your tongue and lips.


Our challenge to you today is to do one silly thing. Something out of the ordinary, anything. Sing in the car, dance in your kitchen, skip along a side-walk. Just one little thing… yep, you’re going to feel silly. But, that’s the whole point, isn’t it?


Mark & Laura

The 7 Chakras – A Series

7 chakras

In this series, we hope to bring more awareness to the 7 energy centers within us, called the Chakras. These centers are so powerful that they affect our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies on a daily basis. When you become conscious of what they are, how they affect you and how you can work with them, you will notice a profound change in yourself and how you view the world around you.


Let’s start with the Root Chakra or Muladhara

rootchakra symbol

 Where is it?

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine, the pelvic floor and the lower three vertebrae. Put your focus there now and see if you can locate it (if you’ve ever done kegels, you’ll know exactly where we’re talking about!).

How does it affect me?

This is one of the most important chakras, but is often overlooked. We know that people want to open their 3rd eye and crown the most, because that is our connection to the Divine. But we liken it to this- Picture a strong and mighty oak tree. See how it reaches toward the heavens with it’s beautiful leaves and branches? See how the trunk is massive and supportive? None of this would work without a strong root system. It is from this root system that this beautiful tree can withstand the weather, hold itself up and blossom and grow. It is imperative that this mighty oak have a solid foundation, or the rest will fail.

The root chakra is where our safety, security and basic human needs come from. When the root chakra is unbalanced, we are anxious, fearful and may experience bowel issues, lower back and leg issues.

How can I balance it?

There are so many ways to help with balancing this chakra, we’ll just name a few that are our favorites and we know work for us:

  • Color therapy – The color of this chakra is RED. If you are feeling ungrounded, wear something red. A scarf, nail polish, socks, a tie.. add a splash of red! Color a mandala picture (very popular right now for adults!) in red tones and leave it where you will see it. Burn a red  candle.
  • Essential oils – We believe strongly in the power of essential oils. Myrrh, Cinnamon, Patchouli, Frankincense and Sandalwood. Put a few drops in an oil diffuser with water and breathe in the healing aromatherapy.
  • Herbs – Dandelions are wonderful for the root chakra. Eat them in salads or make an herbal tea.
  • Physical activity – This is key and it doesn’t have to be strenuous! Stand barefoot in the grass or dirt. Really feel the grass… just for that moment, be in that moment. Take a walk in nature. Don’t have a destination just walk, breathe and be in the present.
  • Meditation – This is our personal favorite! While meditating focus on the area of the root chakra. See a red ball of energy in that area, pulsing and spinning.
  • Sound therapy – There are countless free sound therapy tracks on the web (we like Solfeggio and Binaural the best). Use these with headphones for the full effect.
  • Chanting – Chant the word LAM, this is the sound activator for the root chakra. Repeat this chant multiple times, really feel how this word feels in your mouth, lips and tongue. Have fun with this!


These are just a few suggestions. Try just one tonight and feel the difference tomorrow.

Next up…. the Sacral Chakra (the center of sensuality and pleasure!)


Mark & Laura