A Little About Us

Hey there! I’m Laura and this is Mark. We are both Reiki Masters, Intuitives and Empaths. But above all, we are people… just regular everyday people who are searching, exploring, wondering and learning all about this ride we call Life.

We read Oracle cards, use pendulums and mala beads. We believe in the power of intention and prayer. We have been guided by various Native Americans, Shamans, Wiccans, Christians, Buddhists and practitioners of Hoodoo and we incorporate a bit of each into our daily practice. We have opened our online shop esotericaroma to bring the tools that have made a difference in our lives, to others.

We are all searching, questioning and trying to understand our world around us. Because of this, there is a profound Shift in Awareness. More and more people are turning inward to find the answers to their questions (we inherently know that is where the answers were all along, right?). Through meditation, chanting, ritual work and prayer, people are finding their way back to the Light. And while we may be on different paths (or religions), the destination is the same.

It is our goal to create a space where we can talk, share experiences and mentor each other during this Shift.


Mark & Laura



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