Blessed Thistle

Blessed Thistle
Blessed Thistle cut and sifted

Blessed Thistle is also know as Holy Thistle or by its scientific name, Cnicus Benedictus. This wonderful plant is a member of the asteraceae family and is related to artichokes and Milk Thistle.

Blessed Thistle offers excellent support for digestive health and can help treat a wide range of common stomach complaints. Many people drink it in the form of a tea before eating a meal to help prevent indigestion, gas and bloating. It has been used since ancient times to trigger the appetite, which is very useful for people who may have just had surgery or have had an illness.

This bitter herb has cholagogue properies meaning that it can help stimulate the body’s production of bile, making food digestion easier and more effective.

Blessed Thistle is wonderful for cleansing the liver and is found in many herbal liver cleanses on the market.

Spiritually, Blessed Thistle is associated with purification and is used in purification baths and rituals. It is also believed that wearing a bit of it would protect one from evil. It is associated with the planet Mars, the zodiac sign of Aries and the element fire. It works very well with Rosemary, Angelica, Basil or Yerba Santa.

Blessed Thistle is also known as Holy Thistle or St. Benedict’s Thistle and was grown in the gardens of monks. The monks would harvest the Holy Thistle and use it to make bitter tonics and liqueurs.

Blessed Thistle is also a part of the secret recipe used to make the Benedictine liqueur. As the story goes, in 1510, a Benedictine monk, Don Bernardo Vincelli, created the recipe for this liqueur that contained 27 different herbs, including Blessed Thistle, Angelica, Hyssop, and Lemon Balm. It is said that only three people on earth (at a time) know the complete recipe for making it.

If you would like to add this beautiful herb to your healthy lifestyle, you can find it here.


*As with all herbs, we suggest consulting a doctor before using. Some herbs may no work well prescription medications, may be harmful to pregnant or nursing women and may not be safe for people with pre-existing conditions.


Elite Shungite – The Stone of Life


elite shungite
Noble Shungite, Elite Shungite, Silver Shungite

“Shungite cures, rescues, purifies, heals, protects, normalizes, restores and even stimulates growth. It kills and devours anything that harms people and other living beings, and concentrates and restores all that is good. The scholars who have studied Shungite in one voice declare, it is a miracle! ” From the book by A. Doronina “Shungite – the Stone-Savior”

Also known as Noble Shungite, Silver Shungite and Elite Shungite, it differs from regular Shungite  in that it contains about 98% carbon, whereas regular Shungite contains between 50%-70%. You can immediately tell Elite Shungite by its metallic silver surface. It is extremely rare and quite powerful.

Elite Shungite has a strong mystical energy. It will help anyone involved with magical and mystical practices. It’s deep primordial energy embodies energies of ancient spirits, which come into play in a protective role during magical work. Shungite a great protector, a guardian and a body guard. It infuses the auric field with light, which shields the holder with a coat of black permitting only positive and beneficial rays to come through.

Place Elite Shungite in water to purify and charge the water with cleansing energy (Russians have been doing this for centuries). Shungite water has an antihistamine effect, as it helps cure burns, cuts, arthritis and more. Simple mouthwash with Shungite water will cure sore throat, stomach aches, colds and tonsillitis.

We have heard it said that Elite Shungite is so important that one day it might well be worth more than gold and we truly believe this.  Called the “Miracle Stone” and the “Stone of Life” this is such a powerful stone.

If you have never worked with this amazing stone, we suggest getting a piece and see for yourself! We have some great pieces in stock here

Decoction Herbal Tea

herbal tea
Delicious herbal tea

With winter in full swing and frigid temperatures across most of the country, what better time to talk about delicious warm herbal teas?
Specifically, what are referred to as decoctions which is really just a long, slow simmer creating a concentrated, very flavorful dark tea. This is usually the method of choice when working with woody substances such as roots, barks and stems. This method usually takes 2-3 hours, sometimes longer, to allow the mineral salts and bitters to release. 

A basic decoction recipe is 1 pint of water to 1 ounce root or herb. For best results, use spring water or filtered water. The awful fluoridated & chlorinated tap water can alter the taste and benefits we are trying to receive. Allow this to simmer until about 1 quarter of the liquid has reduced, allow to cool and strain. For freshest flavor, we like to use ours within 48 hours or so. 

Since these can be a bit on the strong side for some people, a little dash of honey might be nice. One of our favorite sweeteners is Jaggery, which is unprocessed (unrefined) cane sugar. It contains all the natural molasses and mineral salts, is far more complex (since it has not been messed with) and it tastes wonderful.


Osha Root

Osha Root is one of our favorite plants and one of the most important herbs to many Native American tribes.  The Native people regarded it with deep appreciation, respect and used it widely – so much so it has been called the ‘Empress of the Forest’. It has a scent a bit like peppery celery – fresh, with a spicy back note. We like to add a few shavings or small pieces to our smudging mix because it invites powerful energies into your home and to your intentions.

This amazing root makes a wonderful tea and is reported to increase oxytocin levels (the hormone released when you hug someone you love). It is also known for its upper respiratory properties in alternative therapies – perfect for coughs and colds this time of year.

This plant is so special that we have them listed individually here so you can choose the one that speaks to you.