Strawberry Full Moon & Summer Solstice

strawberry moon

On Monday June 20 we are in for quite a treat,  and we couldn’t be more excited here! The beautiful Strawberry, Rose or Mead Full Moon falls on the same day as the Summer Solstice which happens only once in a generation.

At precisely 6:34 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on June 20, the sun will appear to pause in the sky as it changes direction relative to our viewpoint, and it will officially be summer. About 12 hours earlier, at 7:02 a.m., the moon will hit its fullest point for the month. Together the two heavenly bodies will shower Mother Earth with a full 24 hours of light.

We are at the half way point in the year and it is now time to reflect on the progress you’ve made this year, and the progress yet to be made. Celebrate all that you’ve accomplished… you are amazing, yay you!! But also, take a moment to see where your focus needs to go. Have you let some things slide that you had made plans to take care of? Now is the perfect time to recommit yourself to those goals.



Along with this full moon we will be celebrating the Summer Solstice or Litha. This is a time of celebrating and honoring the Sun. A time to gather together and celebrate all that you’ve accomplished so far this year. Litha is one of the fire festivals, so light a bonfire, dance and sing. Spend time outdoors, pick flowers and put them in your hair. Light a yellow candle and place on your altar along with offerings of herbs, flowers and seeds.

For us, this is a time to release anything that is no longer serving us by offering it up to the Goddess Moon. We are taking stock of what we have accomplished, what we still need to work on and how we can make this happen. By honoring the Sun, we are asking for the strength and fortitude to make our goals a reality.

What ever you do tomorrow, have fun, be grateful and love one another!

Blessings to you all,



Brandberg Crystal

Mark & I have quite an extensive background in crystals, having worked in a metaphysical shop for many years. I decided to  write about some of our very favorites and maybe introduce you to some you’ve never heard of. I really wanted to let everyone know how amazing they are, not just in their physical appearance, but by the way they feel and the way they make you feel.

We’re kicking off this series with the beautiful Brandberg crystal. I am currently having a love affair with this gorgeous crystal, and after reading about it, maybe you’ll start your own affair!

Brandberg Crystal

Brandberg crystals come from Namibia, Africa and are hand mined from the highest mountain range in the region, known as “The Brandberg”. It is in this area that powerful Earth meridians cross. The crystals that come out of this area are spectacular, ranging from clear to purple to smoky. Regardless of the colors present in the crystal, it holds the vibration of Amethyst quartz, Smoky quartz and Clear quartz. The energy of these three crystals combined is truly out of this world. The depth is undeniable and can literally take your breath away. We’ve seen it happen, and it is a beautiful thing to be a part of.

Amethyst Quartz is all about healing. Healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. This crystal taps into the healing energy of the Violet Flame and calls upon the assistance of the Ascended Master, St. Germain. We have at least one piece of Amethyst in every room of our home!

Smoky Quartz is definitely one of my top 5 favorite crystals. This is one of the most comforting, nurturing and protective stones I have ever worked with.Because I am an Empath, a Clairsentient (I feel my environment, deeply) and Intuitive, I absolutely can’t be far from a smoky quartz at any time. This crystal protects the Auric field from negativity and will actually transmute that energy into positive. This crystal is a very grounding stone, and is helpful for anyone who is in their head a lot (yes, that’s me too).

Clear Quartz is a very high vibration crystal that can be programmed with an intention, wish or desire. It works with the Soul Star Chakra and the White Ray, which is the Ray that connects us to the Divine Mind. Clear quartz protects the Auric field and infuses additional light into it. Clear quartz also boosts the vibration of any other crystal that it is around.

So you can see why having a Brandberg crystal in your collection is so important. It contains all 3 of these amazing stones, without having a pocket full of crystals!

A side note on choosing a crystal….

First, you don’t choose it, it chooses you. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked by someone what crystal they should get. Although, I normally do know which one they need, I am always hesitant on telling them. I never want to sway anyone in any direction. The greatest gift I received while working in a crystal shop was watching a crystal try to get a customer’s attention. Someone would walk in and immediately be drawn to a particular stone, but would walk around to look at everything else instead. It was funny to watch them come back again and again to the same crystal, and then end up purchasing it and loving it. That is crystal magic.

I know people say that they want to hold a crystal, to feel its energy before they buy it. I get that. I would just say that by holding that belief system, a limit, a restriction, a judgement has been put into place. Part of crystal magic is the physical beauty they possess. I have found myself being visually drawn to different crystals at different times. By being open to this beauty, I have found some of my all time favorite crystals online. There is no right or wrong in this. There is no limitation or borders. Do what resonates with you, and that is perfect.


Blessings, blessings, blessings~



7 Reasons why you should be using Palo Santo

palo santo tree


In South America, Palo Santo (or Holy Wood) has been treasured for centuries for its medicinal and spiritual healing properties. Because this wood is believed to be holy, the trees are never cut down. The native people harvest this amazing wood from the naturally occurring dead fall and have replanted more than 40,000 trees to date in the area.

This beautiful wood has been and still is used by shamans, medicine doctors and healers in sacred rituals and ceremonies. It is believed that by burning the wood, it clears negative energy in a space and from the Auric body. It is related to the Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal family, which are all extremely powerful substances.

The smell is amazing and is the reason why more people are finding pleasure in using this wood, in place of white sage or desert sage. The sweet, woodsy scent is not overpowering and is instantly soothing and calming.

Why you should be using Palo Santo

palo santo stick


  1.  It is wild harvested and ethically gathered
  2. Super convenient and quick to use. Just light the end and allow the smoke to do the rest!
  3. It smells amazing
  4. Not only is it an energetic cleanser but it has numerous aromatherapy properties, as well as homeopathic benefits
  5. It produces less smoke than other smudging items, which is a bonus for those with respiratory issues
  6. One stick will last a very long time
  7. It raises your vibration ~ which is perfect just before meditation, astral travel, spell work, rituals or ceremonies


If you have never tried smudging with Palo Santo, we can’t impress on you enough how truly amazing this Holy Wood is! The scent is divine, the feeling created is so peaceful and once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever went without it.



Mark & Laura


The New Moon

new moon

The New Moon falls on Sunday, June 5 and it’s going to be an amazing opportunity for manifestation. The New Moon is all about new beginnings. This is the time to set your intentions on what your heart truly desires. Because this moon is in Gemini, it is especially powerful. Gemini represents communication and self-expression. This is the perfect combination for manifestation. Communicate your desires, truly express yourself and feel the power of the Universe working with you.

It is incredibly important during this phase to get real with yourself. That is what this is all about, getting really real. Write down what your heart truly desires. Don’t judge, don’t doubt the outcome of the intention. All you have to do is come from a space of love, gratitude and belief. The rest will be done.

We always guide people to reflect on their wishes before sending them out there. The old saying “be careful what you wish for” is pretty much spot on. Think about the big picture before setting any intentions. When everything is stripped away and you are standing there naked and vulnerable, what do you really wish for? This is coming from a heart space and this is the space where everything comes from.

May this New Moon find you healthy, happy and at peace.

Love and Light,

Mark & Laura