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Full Flower Moon ~ May 21 2016


We are posting this a little earlier than we normally would because this full moon is going to be a challenge. Strap in for this Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius!

This is a time for emotional release, which is a good thing when done appropriately. This moon is all about bringing up buried emotions and memories that we’ve tried hard to forget. Working through them and releasing them is the beautiful lesson of this full moon. Unfortunately not everyone is aware of the effect the moon’s energy has on us and will turn those emotions on unsuspecting victims. This will be a time of aggression, anger and verbal explosions. This moon will trigger memories in some that are uncomfortable for them to deal with. This in turn leads to striking out at the people around us, for what seems like no reason. During this full moon some may become so angry they end up doing or saying things that will haunt them the rest of their lives.

It doesn’t have to play out like this if you pay close attention to how you are feeling around the 21st. If you feel yourself becoming angry or upset, take a breath. Step back from the situation, go for a walk, take a shower, meditate, listen to music, eat a pint of ice cream. Whatever it takes for you to cool off. Once you are calm, try to look at your feelings like an impartial party. Look at these emotions as if they aren’t yours, but your best friend’s. Don’t judge, push the feeling aside or feel bad about feeling bad! There is a lesson that these feelings are trying to teach you. Learn the lesson so you can move forward.




Mark & Laura




We are Seekers, Intuitives, Empaths and Reiki Masters. We know that what worked for people before, is no longer working. This is creating a necessary Shift in Awareness in many many people around the world. It is this shift that will bridge the gap between ourselves and the Divine.

3 thoughts on “Full Flower Moon ~ May 21 2016

  1. Thank you for the warning. We just lost one of our precious cats and right now so very angry at how mishandled the euthanasia went. I’m a boiler right now. I hope I calm down by this full moon.


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