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Incense and Sacred Scents


“Let my prayer be incense before you; my uplifted hands an evening offering”

Old Testament – Exodus, Psalm 141:2

No worries, we won’t be quoting scripture here, just want to make a point that incense and the burning thereof for spiritual beliefs have been around a long, long time. Most every faith or culture has used them in one shape or form to carry their message to the Heavens. There is something about the whole process, the flame, lighting it and letting it burn until you have a nice glow, placing it in the censer, the incense itself that lends to that ritual feel.  I think some things possess power because they have been done for so long that the momentum behind them are immense. It works because you believe in it, and you believe in it because it works.

Burning different incense produces different vibrations, each is unique, some to relax and calm, some are uplifting and awaken the senses. Our olfactory senses can produce reactions within us on a hormonal level. Through this, our body and mind are in closer union to focus, and our other main routes of distraction are diminished. This allows us to set our intentions more clearly, be it a simple ‘Thank You’, to pleas of  intercession. Positive mental states tend to produce positive physical manifestations.

Incense of higher quality are more likely to generate positive mental and emotional states. Resins are probably the purest and oldest form as there is no binder, just the straight gum directly from the tree. Tibetan incense are a little more earthy and are usually made up of herbs and plants.  Indian incense can vary greatly, some very pure, some not so pure. Japanese incense tend to be a little more refined and are generally of good to very high quality. It is a personal choice, but the choice is important when practicing spiritual work.

We burn incense and resins in home everyday. It makes us feel good, it’s natural and we believe it helps to keep our consciousness open to the Divine.

If you’ve never tried incense or resins, just try it once and you’ll feel the difference it makes in your space. Be sure to purchase high quality products (you can find natural incense and resins online- we carry the top of the line in our online shop). The higher the quality, the better and more natural it will smell.


Blessings and love,

Mark and Laura







We are Seekers, Intuitives, Empaths and Reiki Masters. We know that what worked for people before, is no longer working. This is creating a necessary Shift in Awareness in many many people around the world. It is this shift that will bridge the gap between ourselves and the Divine.

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