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Beltane Begins



Tomorrow, May 1st ushers in Beltane. The long winter has passed, the days are becoming longer and the sun is warmer in the sky. This is a time of life, new and renewed. It is a celebration of love and fiery hot passion. Look around at the animals right now, they are celebrating too (wink wink).

Beltane (or Beltaine) is celebrated with fire, usually a bonfire. It is this fire that represents the Sun, purification and cleansing. We incorporate this fire element with the lighting of candles in the following colors: green, red and silver (or white). Green represents growth, abundance and fertility. Red for strength, vitality, passion and vibrancy. White/Silver is cleansing and clearing of negative energies.

Greenery is very important at this time, so we bring in greenery from outside. You can dress an altar or sacred space with leaves, branches and flowers (it is always best to ask the plant for permission before cutting it).

This is the time to connect with Gaia, Mother Nature. If you are a tree hugger (we are!), now is the perfect time to connect with that special one. Go outside and honor it. Talk to it, thank it for being in your space. Hang ribbons in the branches or lay flowers around the trunk.

Have fun, practice gratitude and be safe this Beltane Eve!


Mark & Laura



We are Seekers, Intuitives, Empaths and Reiki Masters. We know that what worked for people before, is no longer working. This is creating a necessary Shift in Awareness in many many people around the world. It is this shift that will bridge the gap between ourselves and the Divine.

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