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The 3rd Eye Chakra

3rd eye

Today we are focusing on the 3rd Eye or Ajna Chakra.

Where is it?

This chakra is located on the forehead, between and just above the eyes. It governs the Pineal gland, which some believe is the key to everything. We will definitely be dedicating a blog specifically on this topic at a later date!


How does it affect me?

The effects of an unbalanced or closed 3rd Eye chakra are numerous. Migraines, headaches, poor judgement, lack of focus, poor decision-making skills, closed to new and/or different ideas and ways of thinking. All of these issues will cause problems in our daily lives, but it goes beyond just that. Our 3rd eye chakra is tied to our intuition, our knowing and is associated with the Light. We like to think of it as our telephone to the Divine Source. When there is a disruption in this area, we have no service. We are unable to hear that soft voice inside of us, guiding us and helping us along this physical journey.


3rd eye pic


How can I balance it?

  • Color therapy – While the other chakras we’ve covered have one color associated with it, this one has multiple. INDIGO or PURPLE are the colors of this chakra. We have a wonderful third eye chakra candle in our shop that we use regularly. Burning indigo or purple candles will help to open and balance this area. Wear indigo (or purple). Jewelry is perfect with this! We like amethyst and moonstone for 3rd eye work.
  • Crystal therapy – There are many crystals that aid in opening and balancing this chakra. Here are the ones we use~
    • Labradorite
    • Moonstone
    • Herkimer (this should be used with another crystal as it amplifies the energy of the crystals around it)
    • Moldavite (extremely powerful, use with caution!)
    • Azurite
  • Essential Oils – Blue Yarrow (we use this directly on our 3rd eye, it’s amazing!), frankincense, juniper
  • Herbs – Mint, jasmine, eyebright, ginko
  • Meditation – Solfeggio frequencies are wonderful when working on this chakra. There are so many to choose from (free) on youtube. Find the one that resonates with you and stick with that one for at least a week.
  • Chanting – This chakra is activated by the sound of OM. Om is the sound of the universe and when chanted, is quite powerful. If you have a singing bowl or tingshas (Tibetan chimes/bells), now is the best time to break those out.


There is all kinds of information out there on how to open the 3rd eye. Use what works for you. It’s a very personal process and sometimes what works some people, won’t work for others.Find what feels right to you and stick with it. This is not an over-night process, but a road to awakening.



Mark & Laura



We are Seekers, Intuitives, Empaths and Reiki Masters. We know that what worked for people before, is no longer working. This is creating a necessary Shift in Awareness in many many people around the world. It is this shift that will bridge the gap between ourselves and the Divine.

2 thoughts on “The 3rd Eye Chakra

  1. Ah yes. The beloved 3rd eye! I’ve been taking some supplements like hydrilla verticillata, and drinking Noni juice from Tahiti to de-calcify my 3rd eye/pineal gland. I’ve felt the effects so far and it’s amazing.

    Can’t wait to see more from you guys on the 3rd eye!


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