The Art of Smudging

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More and more people are becoming aware of the fact that our universe and everything within it is made up of energy. With this awareness comes the desire to create a space where there is more positive energy. One way of creating this positive space is by smudging.

Smudging is the ancient practice of burning dried herbs such as sage, sweetgrass, cedarwood, juniper, lavender and many other herbs and plants. It is used in rites, rituals and ceremonies based on spiritual, medicinal and cultural teachings.

Today we are specifically talking about White Sage

Burning white sage has been traditionally used to remove negative energies and to bring in positive energies. Thankfully, science has caught up to what our ancestors already knew. Research has proven that burning sage emits negative ions, the same ions that are found in nature near running water, waves and after storms. These negative ions attract positive ions and neutralize them. Positive ions are emited via electrical devices, cell phones, computers etc. (we are literally surrounded by positive ions every day) and have been demonstrated to have a negative effect on our bodies. With all the science behind sage available, it is understandable why it is becoming more popular in the mainstream. This is a natural way to have your own ion technology, without spending hundreds of dollars on a fancy ionizer.

If you’ve never saged your home before, try it just once. We as humans, tend to become very acclimated to the environment we are in. Because of this, we don’t really realize how much better a space can feel, until we actually feel it! Even if we live in the happiest of homes, the energy still builds in that space. Why do you think it feels so good when you open the windows in your home? Because you are creating movement and flow in the energy of the environment. Now create that movement along with emitting negative ions in the air and you can’t help but feel the difference.


Mark & Laura






5 Replies to “The Art of Smudging”

  1. Sage is a respected spirit in my tribe as well. Remember that when you begin the smudge ceremony to only keep one window or door open and start from there, circling around your sacred space until your return journey to that single open space. This is important to funnel the negative spirits/energy out through a single open space in order to successfully remove the intrusions.

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