Over the years we have heard some say they don’t believe in the Three Fold Law or Karma. Sometimes what one believes and what ‘is’ have very little to do with each other. We have witnessed these Universal Laws play out first hand for more than a few individuals. Unfortunately their lives were already in such disarray that anything short of their hair catching fire, they would never put the action/reaction together.

It’s pretty simple really, if you think of how a pendulum moves. If it swings just a little bit this way, it’s not such a big deal at first. We’re not perfect, so small negative actions tend to have small consequences. Now, keep doing the wrong thing, acting a certain way, speaking a certain way, and as that pendulum swings farther each way with more momentum, one moves farther and farther from center, picking up inertia until things can seem (and are) out of control. Only until the energies are spent (played out) do things slow down and return closer to center.

There is just no getting around this Law. The energy you put out is returned to you, sometimes two and three times. We all have free will, so it is completely your choice what you would like returned to you.

We are all in this life together and we truly have the ability to make someone else’s day just a little brighter!


Blessings and Love to you,

Mark & Laura